Located in Kansas City, Owensboro, and Chehalis, Riverside Transport Inc. has been a profitable asset-based transportation company for over 25 years that has now grown to over 800 drivers nationwide. In 2008, we opened a brokerage in Chattanooga, Tennessee to help bring our excellent customer service to a new part of the transportation industry.

Stand apart in a crowd. Here at Riverside Transport Inc, we know that the best way to show the best side of your business is to bring your A-game every day. Based in Kansas City, with our brokerage office in Chattanooga, TN, we understand the importance of showing our best each and every day. Our company has the stability of over 25 years of service, with our brokerage opening in 2008. Our experience gives us the knowledge and understanding to solve any issue you may have.


Since Riverside Transport was founded in the fall of 1993, we have always kept the same philosophy that still holds true today.

To be the top performer in all that we do

We strive to be a top employer, provide superior service to our customers, and earn corporate respect from our competitors, so that we can be the company that everyone looks up to. Our 25+ year history is proof that we are here to stay and can provide a stable partnership for our employees and customers.


Our future growth is linked with yours, let's continue to grow together

From starting this brokerage in 2008 to where it is now, we are ecstatic to see where it can go.

Our operation terminals are strategically located throughout the country with a freight network that matches that breadth. We have the terminals, trailers, facilities and personnel to service your business now and for years to come.

Growing our brokerage is essential to always meeting and exceeding the customer’s needs. We plan to do so by increasing our locations and increasing the variety of our freight we can haul. We know that only goes so far, so we plan to continue to improve our ratio of dispatchers as well as our technology to ensure our customers are always satisfied with how we carry and deliver your freight.

In an industry where relationships can be a thing of the past, we continue to make ones that last. By prioritizing our people, we start a chain reaction of great transactions ending with your products being delivered on time, with a smile. We got to this point by making sure our employees and clients were happy and our mission will not change.


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