Beat the Heat, Stay Cool This Summer

Stay Cool This Summer

The summer heat is upon us! While the warmer, sunnier weather may be a welcome sight, the restless summer heat can be dangerous.

Here are tips to avoid heat exhaustion and some ways to stay cool!

What is heat exhaustion?

There are two types of heat exhaustion:

1. Water Depletion – Dehydration. Symptoms include:

Loss of consciousness

2. Salt Depletion. Symptoms include:

Muscle cramps

*Heat exhaustion can quickly turn into a heat stroke. This is very dangerous. Heat strokes can cause permanent braindamage.
General Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion:

Muscle cramps
Pale Skin
Profuse Sweating
Rapid Heartbeat

Drink plenty of non-caffeinated and non-alcoholic beverages.
Remove any tight or unnecessary clothing.
Take a cool shower, bath or sponge bath.
Apply other cooling measures such as fans or ice towels.
If cooling measures fail to provide relief, seek medical attention immediately.

Risk Factors:
Relative humidity over 60%
Temperatures 90 degrees or above.
Age: under 4 and over 65 are at the highest risk.
Medications: diuretics, sedatives, tranquilizers, stimulants, heart and blood pressure medications

Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing.
Wear sunscreen.
Drink extra water, juice and gatorade.

Keep a towel in your cooler or icebox and place it around your neck. If you don’t have a cool cloth, place a cold bottle of water under your armpits or along a main artery. Something cool, applied to a main artery, will cool your core better temperature quickly.

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