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  • Must be at least 23 years of age
  • Applicants must have a current Class A CDL with at least 2 years of recent Tractor/ Trailer experience running OTR or regional freight.
  • Must have no more than three (3) moving violations within the past three years.
  • Must have no more than three (3) Accidents within the past three years
  • No DUI / DWI or Reckless driving violations within the last 10 years)
  • Must be able to pass a D.O.T. physical, pre-employment drug screen and road test
  • Must be able to perform all duties, perform inspections Compensation and Benefits
  • Felony convictions older than ten years will be reviewed

Tolls and Scales

Riverside Transport uses Pre Pass / EZ Pass and pays for scales.

What type of equipment do you lease?

We are currently offering the following trucks for lease purchase depending on our current inventory at the time a driver starts.

2012-2013 International Prostars

2012 Freightliner Cascadia’s

2012 Peterbilt 587

Do I have to make a down payment?

No, We do not require money down, no credit check is needed, and drivers do not need to put up any form of collateral to lease a truck with us.

How is RTI’s Lease Purchase Program different from what other companies are offering?

Riverside Transport has one of the most innovative lease purchase programs available. We allow our drivers to choose how they would like to pay for the truck.  Drivers can decide between a fixed rate lease or a variable rate lease.  In addition, Riverside transport offers a revolutionary full service 100% bumper to bumper warranty on all of our lease trucks.  With this program drivers will never have to pay for truck maintenance or repair bills when they occur.  Lastly, we have equipped our entire fleet of lease trucks with APU’s to help keep our drivers fuel costs down.

What is a fixed rate lease?

A fixed rate lease is one of the ways a driver can choose to repay us for their lease truck. Every week the driver has a flat truck payment due.  This truck payment is always due no matter what happens during the driver’s week.  A fixed rate lease allows a driver to budget their income better because no matter what happens the driver will know how much of a truck payment they will have to make for that week.

How long are the leases for?

We lease all of our trucks for 54 to 66 months.  This allows us to keep our drivers payments low which in turn helps our driver increase their weekly profitability.

When do I make my first payment?

We want to get new drivers started off good profitability so we do not require a truck payment the first week the driver is with us.  Truck payments will start coming out during the second week the driver is with us.

Will the equipment I lease have an APU?

Riverside Transport has equipped all of our lease trucks with APU’s

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