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This month, September 16th – 22nd, Riverside Transport, Inc. celebrated National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. The terminals hosted a multitude of events to recognize their drivers ranging from prize drawings to a pig roast.
Every day of the week Riverside Transport, Inc. conducted vehicle inspections on tractors, driver credentials, permit books & logbooks. All of the drivers that completed an inspection had their name entered in a drawing to win a laptop!

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By R.L.”Pa Russ Mauzy”

Lately, I have heard many company drivers tell me that they started out being a lease driver, only to find that they weren’t making any money so they gave up their lease and became a company driver.  There are too many drivers out there saying that they don’t know how lease drivers make any money and I tell them that I have no complaints.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not making money hand over fist, but I am surviving out here.  If I wanted to put a little more effort into “MY BUSINESS” I could probably find more ways to save money, but I’m surviving and happy now, with very little effort.

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By R.L. “Pa Russ” Mauzy

hours_of_service-300x225By now, many of your now that I am not only a lease operator with RTI, I am also an ex-Deputy Sheriff with a specialty in Commercial Vehicle Safety.  I also try to keep up on the current regulations as well as the proposed regulations pertaining to the operation of commercial motor vehicles.  With that being said, I have been asked to give the “drivers’ perspective” of the proposed changes to the DOT Hours of Service regulations.  Of course, this perspective is solely mine, however, I believe I address it from a common sense angle that most, if not all, drivers would agree with.

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Oil is everywhere.  When we say everywhere, we mean EVERYWHERE. It’s common to think that we only use it in our cars, trucks and the like, but our society has built a world around this precious fossil fuel and the following list will help you understand just how dependent we really are on the “black gold”.

As you peruse the list, consider the implications on society if one day we woke up and there was no more oil!


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By M.L. “Pa Russ” Mauzy

officer_trucking_citation-200x300Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for, my second article in which I said I would tell you how to avoid citations while just trying to make a living, driving a truck down the road.  I guess before I get started I better put a little disclaimer in here first:

The information I present here is just a guideline to help avoid contacts with law enforcement and to minimize the damage once you have been stopped. I present this information just as a tool and as such, I take no responsibility if you are stopped and get a citation or any other action against you, even if you follow my suggestions.  This information is not necessarily in strict compliance with Riverside Transports company policies either, it is just basic real world common sense.  With this said, let me give you my three general suggestions to avoid a citation.”

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RTI Shuttle to the Truckers Jamboree on Saturday at Petro in Oak Grove, MO



Saturday,  Kevin Reich will be at the terminal  at 9 am to take the  company van and any drivers that want to go to the Oak Grove Petro for the Truckers Jamboree, if you have any drivers in town not doing anything have them here at 9 AM. Details below.

The Oak Grove Truckers Jamboree is hosted every year at the Oak Grove 70 Petro, I-70 Exit 28, Oak Grove, Missouri. The Truckers Jamboree is a great place to celebrate and learn about trucking and those big rigs. It’s our way of saying thank you to the millions of truck drivers that deliver the goods we consume, whether it’s groceries, gas, clothes or cars — you can bet it was delivered by a truck.

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Russell Mauzy: Truck Driver Column

R.L. “Pa Russ” Mauzy

Some of you know me, but most don’t so before I jump into my regular column, I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce myself and give a little background.   I am sure that once you know some more about me that you will realize that I might know something about what I write about.

I have been a lease operator for Riverside Transport since Dec 2006.  I drive one of the Peterbilt 387s and I am on the dedicated Sonoco account as a regional driver.  I have been driving since 1992 and have experience pulling dry vans, refrigerated vans, flat beds and gasoline tankers.  In the driving industry, I have been a company driver, lease operator (for more than one company), an air freight coordinator at my local airport, and assistant transportation manager for a local food distribution company.

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After the complete devastation of Joplin by an F5 tornado, RTI delivers water and surveys damage of epic proportions.  This gallery is just a glimpse into the suffering the people of Joplin face. The Red Cross is taking donations for Joplin relief by texting 90999 or online at

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