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Riverside Transport has experienced a great loss.

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On Friday September 7, 2012, Riverside Transport experienced a great loss; the loss of one of its finest and longest term owner operators. Dave Cowen, 55 years old, having spent over 17 years with RTI and traveled over 2 million miles on behalf of all the families and customers serviced by RTI.
When I first heard the tragic news of Dave’s death, my immediate thought was what a great loss to his family and friends and to all his RTI family. With such outstanding career performance demonstrated through the highest level of safety, customer service, kindness and friendliness, Dave will be missed by all of us at RTI. Dave was nothing less than an exemplar driver – not a blemish on his driving record and a perfectly clean CSA score.

Having known Dave for eight years and as I spent more time thinking about Dave, I thought more about what really made him such a great partner in our business. It occurred to me that Dave’s outstanding achievements were directly related to his attitude on life. Dave was a free spirit, an entrepreneur and an American Patriot. Dave pursued the American dream with the utmost veracity, determination and skill. He worked harder and smarter than most. He gifted his time, energies and financial wherewithal to bettering America by counseling peers, working with children at career fairs and delivering products to victims of hurricanes and tornadoes. In my opinion, Dave lived the American dream. Dave started and operated multiple small business, he worked hard and made a good living, he built a family, he participated in the community and he contributed his time, talent and treasure to improving America. Dave will always be a shining example of what Americans and the freedoms we have been blessed with can achieve.

God, thank you for sharing Dave Cowen with all of the RTI family, bless his sole and his family and take care of him for eternity.

Bill Grojean

Friend and Business Partner

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